Hello Everyone!

I hope you're all doing well and enjoying this summer weather that's surrounding us. As you may know, my play A Map of Our Country was selected for the 35th Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival in New York City. The play was chosen from over 800 national and international submissions and will be performed on July 17th, at the Lion Theatre on Theatre Row in New York City. The play is being directed by Michael S. Chandler.

Being accepted to this year's Samuel French OOB Play Fest is a huge honor as it's Manhattan's longest-running short play festival and is attended by many talent theatre artists from across the country. From the Final 40 selections, a group of short-plays will be chosen by a judging panel to be published in an anthology by Samuel French.

Inspired in part by the real-life events surrounding the violent murders of Ayaz Marhouni and Mahmoud Asgari, two fifteen year old boys who may have been gay or may have been experimenting with their sexuality (1995) , A Map of Our Country follows Jaul, a young Palestinian man whose life is about to be changed forever when he's visited by his dead lover who raises questions about masculine duty and honor in times of war. More information is available here, for you to look over.

The play previously finished in the final four selections of the Western Michigan New Play contest and is now heading to NYC! It's a poignant, powerful look at the love of two Arab men and their struggle to find love is a world where all they know is hate. Attached, you'll find a post-card, advertising the show.

In order to help get the production on its feet, the play's producer has started a Kickstarter Fundraising page that can be found here:

PLEASE visit the page and help in any way possible. Donations start as low as $5.00 and each donation is accompanied by a cool reward. We're trying to raise $1,000 by June 29th, 2010 and in order for Kickstarter to give us these funds, we need to meet the 1K goal in that time. So hurry on over to the site and check out the project and show your support for new works!

If you have any questions about the play, the performance of the Kickstarter site, please don't hesitate to contact me.


Ethical Dilemma

In my Health and Medical Ethics class, we're discussing practical situations that may arise for health professionals and the ethical questions raised by each. For the most part, because I tend to have a pretty defined moral/ethical code, I can come to a firm decision and supportive argument for each.

However, this one has me stumped. What do you all think?

A patient dying of AIDS asks to be released from the hospital in order to return home and commit suicide. What is the hospital's responsibility in regards to this patient's request?


I've decided to use these fucked-up images my dreams have been giving me. My final for playwriting class is to write a one-act play.

The working title is Trash/Glow. Here's the first scene.

•A slash mark (/) before and after (/) a line indicates a simultaneous delivery. Anytime a character speaks and these marks appear,a loud, distorted voice delivers the line at the same time.

Collapse )


What a bummer.

Dear Andrew:

First off, thank you for your patience.

Second, we wish to thank you for applying to WordBRIDGE 2009, and for giving us and our readers the benefit of taking a look at BRIDGE. Late each fall, when we invite playwrights to submit their work for consideration to WordBRIDGE, we know that come January, we will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read some of the best new plays in the country and we're thrilled that you were among them.

With that said, it is with much regret and after much deliberation, that we are unable to include BRIDGE in our laboratory. You've done a wonderful job in creating two compelling characters whose dialogue often soars to poetry in your attempt to answer many questions about who we are and why we are in the circumstances we find ourselves surrounded by. All of that said, we are not a good match for BRIDGE. Both of us would strongly encourage you to keep writing and applying for opportunities to see and hear your words.

Please send us another script next year. We'd love to see what you're up to.

With gratitude,

Mark Charney and David White, Artistic Directors

Ripped Paper

I found a piece of ripped paper on the sidewalk. It's from a bigger page, but words are cut off. I just thought it was cool. It said:

The stranger
would not start up.
An overcoat. A fan.

It was probably necessary
for many of our
In a stroke
grasslands are

I would like

Trash Babies

I had the glowing baby dream again last night.

Normally, I find the baby in a trash-can, glowing neon green like it had ingested some nuclear energy or something.

Last night, though, I found the woman trying to dump the baby (still glowing) in a dumpster and I stopped her but didn't know what to do then.

What the hell does this dream mean?