attentionhoard (attentionhoard) wrote,


What a bummer.

Dear Andrew:

First off, thank you for your patience.

Second, we wish to thank you for applying to WordBRIDGE 2009, and for giving us and our readers the benefit of taking a look at BRIDGE. Late each fall, when we invite playwrights to submit their work for consideration to WordBRIDGE, we know that come January, we will be fortunate enough to have the opportunity to read some of the best new plays in the country and we're thrilled that you were among them.

With that said, it is with much regret and after much deliberation, that we are unable to include BRIDGE in our laboratory. You've done a wonderful job in creating two compelling characters whose dialogue often soars to poetry in your attempt to answer many questions about who we are and why we are in the circumstances we find ourselves surrounded by. All of that said, we are not a good match for BRIDGE. Both of us would strongly encourage you to keep writing and applying for opportunities to see and hear your words.

Please send us another script next year. We'd love to see what you're up to.

With gratitude,

Mark Charney and David White, Artistic Directors


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