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I've decided to use these fucked-up images my dreams have been giving me. My final for playwriting class is to write a one-act play.

The working title is Trash/Glow. Here's the first scene.

•A slash mark (/) before and after (/) a line indicates a simultaneous delivery. Anytime a character speaks and these marks appear,a loud, distorted voice delivers the line at the same time.

1. Glow

/It’s that time/
They said.
They told me.
As the needle entered my arm.
It didn’t hurt.
Not physically.
And I thought it’d be different.
Than a needle.
Than a small prick.
It’s really something,
that a small needle is the cause.
Of all this trouble.

We’re in the Dry Years.
A drought
Sort of.
They’ve imposed it.
The ones with the needles.
/We’re in the Dry Years/
they say.
I don’t feel dry.
I feel electric.
I feel fertile.
I feel alive.
The Dry Years mean
you shouldn’t.
Which means you wouldn’t.
Which means /you won’t/
But I did.
And I have.
And now,
There is
A small, baby.
Disguised in these rags
at my feet.
So quiet.
You would think I sung a lullaby.
But I didn’t.
Because they-
the ones with needles.
Would have heard.


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